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Sarv Hind College of Education
Well Come to Sarv Hind College of Education. An institution is the Shapper, Designer, Moulder and maker of the person, What one wants to be. Its aim is to create a person who have a strategic vision, high ambission, active creativity to reach at the goal. Sarv Hind College of Education, Gurawara is a Co-educational College established and managed by Hind Education Society. The College runs in pollution free double Storey Building, the built up area of the building is 2968. 11 Sq.mts., comprising of 40 rooms with Sophisticated Science Lab, Psychology Lab, Computer Lab, Language Lab, Health resource center, Mathematic resource centre, Art resource centre etc. It has very very large play ground with indoor and outdoor game facilities. College bus service is also available from Rewari district head quarter. Hostel Facility is also under consideration.

The College campus is spread over a sprawling area of over one acre of land. The location of college is very beautiful. Forest green fields of food grains, trees, flower, simple and innocent villagers comprise the main characteristics. The campus is well laid with state-of-art building.

Sarv Hind College of Education, Gurawara is recognized by National Council of Teachers Education (N.C.T.E) Jaipur and is affiliated to Indra Gandhi University Meerpur(Rewari), Haryana for B.Ed course and D.Ed by S.C.E.R.T. Haryana, Gurgaon.
















About US

Sarv Hind College of Education Was Established In September - 2008 By The Hind Education Society Gurawara, Rewari. The College Is Recognized By NCTE Jaipur And Affiliated To Indra Gandhi University, Meerpur(Rewari) And SCERT Gurgaon. The Teaching Faculty Is Highly Qualified And Dedicated. The College Has Achieved Academic Excellence And Thus Caters To The Needs Of The Society As-Well-As Students. The College Is Situated In Eco And Pollution Free Environment. The Hostel Facilities Is Under Consideration.

         Teachers with their Excellency in Skills of teaching and guidance are making their best efforts to cope up with the present scenario, so that the students may be in a position to get a place of recognition in the society. The institution is progressing by leaps and bounds under the active guidance of the dedicated staff and the management, headed by Sh. Sanjay Yadav ( Lawyer) of Gurawara. 











Sarv Hindi college of Education, came into existence with the Soul purpose to provide the teachers with highest standards in the field of teacher education as a result they can lead the nation as a super power.



To prepare the most ideal, dedicated, value oriented, energetic, enlightened and consciousness teachers who can bring the desirable reform and dynamic change in the society. 


















The Library plays an important role in the field of acquiring knowledge and experiences, thus it is regarded as that heart and soul of any institution. The primary goal of a library is to support teaching, Learning, research activities etc. It is aboundant with books, Journals, Encyclopedia, Magazines, Newspapers, periodicals etc.

Highlights of Library facility are as under :-

  1. 9000 reference and text books.

  2. National / International journals.

  3. National News papers in Hindi and English.

  4. Indian News magazines of repute.

  5. Manage other guiding and informative magazines and news bulletins.

  6. No of books issued to student at once - 2 Books.

  7. Books issued for a period of - 15 Days.

  8. No of books issued to the teacher - 10 Books.

  9. Books once issued of a period of  - 1 Year.






It is fact that teaching learning process is a mixture of both theoretical as well as practical. In the age of science and technology, the learner should be practical oriented. Thus we have to give more emphasis on the need for adequate exposure to the practical work. This exposure is possible with experiments and well-equipped laboratories. Picture of some of the important laboratories with short description are given below :-

Science Laboratory

Well -equipped and well-Furnished physical Science and Life-science laboratories containing all the necessary equipments require for at least 15 - 20 experiments for high school and higher secondary school students.


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Computer Lab

In the age of science and technology, Life of an individual is incomplete without knowledge of computer. In the computer lab their are 20 computers equipped with very high-speed servers and work stations powered by the latest Pentium - IV series. Peripherals included Dot matrix, Laser and inkjet printers, Hp Scanners and DVD writers etc.

Psychology Lab

This lab contain fourteen psychological test with manuals, Answer Keys, Question Booklets and Answer Sheets & Apparatus like - mirror drawing, Finger mage, card sorting, Mc Dugal disc, finger dextering with pins, colour preferance, psychologist preface etc.


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Language Lab

Language is the medium of expression. Good Language skill provides better success to the learner. A dump person keeps himself isolation from the world. Training for speaking good language is essential for the all round development of the personality of the pupil Sarv Hind College of education has well decorated, well designed, well furnished and sophisticated language lab, with the capacity of fourty students. Besides this, other equipments one - Tape recorder, Radio, Cassettes, charts etc.


Art & Craft Resource Centre :-

Art is the way of expression. It makes life colourful. Welcome  to art & craft resource Center, Different charts of Fruits, Birds, Alphabets, Animals, Poster, Vegetables and models : Clay modeling (animals, birds, fruits, vegetables etc)


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Health & Physical Edu. Resource Centre :-

It is said that health is the wealth. Sound mind lives in the sound body. Keeping in mind above statement this resource centre contains - Human skeleton, Anthro-meter, Charts of Digestive System, Respiratory System, Human muscles etc.

Mathematics resource centre :-

Beautiful buildings is the hand-cheat of a good engineer. Good Engineer depends on the sound knowledge of mathematic. Thus to inculcate the mathematical concept among the learners, it contains different charts on number, Tables, Counting, etc and Models on : Squares, Triangle, Cube, Cylinder etc.













Fee Structure :-

Fee of the courses are :-

i)  as per M.D. University.(Rohtak),

ii) SCERT(Gurgaon) and

iii) Govt. of Haryana norms.



















Extension lecturers were organized with the help of subject experts to clear the doubts of the learners and to facilitate the teaching learning process :-

Community Service :-

Different activities have been organized on illiteracy eradication, Rehabilitation etc to make the people conscious about their rights and duties and to correct favourable environment in the society. 


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Co-curricular activities (Sports & games, speech, debate competition, dance, talent search programme etc.) are organized for all round development of the learners.










Course Description

D. Ed. Course

Intake Duration Selection
50 Two / Three Academic Session By Entrance / By Merit


B.Ed. Course

Intake Duration Selection
100 One Academic Session By Entrance / By Merit


M.Ed Course

Under Consideration 









Chairman Message

Dear Learners,

Nothing is impossible in this world. The world is richer for those who aspire ever and ever to reach higher and higher. Every thing is possible, if you are brave ,bold, honest and dare. Your work will tell for you sooner or latter. If, your mind is made up and you stand firm as Mountain, no one can stop you from achieving your goal. Active and sincere effort never go waste. The obstacles, however difficult can only slow your progress. But if you chase your goal with energy , determination and persistence, nothing in the world can keep you away from success.

                 With hope and ambition, look ahead and work hard don't rest till the work is completed. Success comes when you get what you want. The starting point, thus, is to know what you want in life. If you are unable to fix the goal, the question of getting it does not arise at all. You must there fore, have a goal, decide your goal according to your vision, ability, knowledge and needs. 

Sh. Sanjay Yadav

B.A. , L.L.B












From the desk of Principal

Dear Students,

             Teacher is the back-bone of the society. Dr. S. Radha Krishnan and Dr. Manmohan Singh are the bright example of this group.  It is also said that he is just like a burning candle who can lighted the thousands of candles . The teacher is able to create Astronauts, scientist, doctors, engineers, writers, leaders, Teachers, etc. Subhash Chandera Bose was a frail man who challenged the mighty British Empire for which the Sun Never Sets. He had the vision, Love for the nation, Courage, Determination and confidence to go after his visionary goal with military zeal. The mighty British empire was shaken although he was not on the screen and shattered to pieces and India awake to freedom.

      Visualize the image of what you want to become in your life. Do you want to become a business tycoon, a famous lawyer, a renowned professor, a  skilled engineer, a great doctor, an astronaut a popular writer or a statesman? Let your ambition surface. Be true to your won self. Yours aspirations may seem more day dreams & Wild castles in the air at the start, Never mind and never fear. what appears impossible today will become  a reality tomorrow with your aspiration, determination, dedication and application. Anything which you regard now as of great value, thought, idea or dream at one time, be it the Taj-Mahal or the space craft. The secret of success, the sources of strength, the sprint of the power, the foundation of the wealth and royal path to name, fame and glory is your self-confidence and your won will power, born out of & sustained by knowledge. Know & realize that you and you alone are the master of your destiny & captain of your soul.


Dr. A.M. Khan

M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.(Edu)




















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3. Oct 2019 B.Ed. 1st Year View
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D.Ed Faculty List







Non Teaching Staff List

Sr.No. Name Designation Salary Photo
1. Sh. Satyender Acctt. Cum Head Clerk 21,600/-
2. Sh. Meer Singh Asst. Acctt. 12,900/-  
3. Sh. Dalip Tyagi Lab. Attd. 12,000/-
4. Sh. Naveen Kumar Clerk Cum Computer Typist 10,000/-
5. Mrs. Poonam Clerk 7,600/-
6. Ms. Seema Rani Clerk Cum Typist 6,000/-
7. Sh. Adand Prakash Library Attdt. 6,000/-  
8. Sh. Dharampal Chokidar    
9. Sh. Moolchand Peon 5,740/-  
10. Sh. Ramesh Muktan Mali 5,740/-  
11. Sh. Amrit Peon 5,740/-  
12. Sh. Ganesh Bahadur Sweeper 5,740/-  
13. Sh. Shiv Raj Sweeper 5,740/-  
















Salient Features

  • Beautiful building with specious class rooms, sophisticated labs, beautiful lawns etc. with healthy environment.

  • Well Furnished and well stoked library with latest books and journals.

  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation for getting better results.

  • Emphasis on the all-round development of the individual.

  • Rewards in the form of the cups, seals, medals and certificates for better performance in academic and non-academic fields.

  • Internal Assessments on the basis of performance, regularity, Sincerity, teacher like qualities etc.

  • Extension lecturer by eminent personalities on different subjects.

  • Dedicated, well qualified and experienced faculty. 













                                Student Details  

SummaryD.Ed 2008-10






























D.Ed-Ist Yr.








D.Ed-IInd Yr.








D.ed Studnet List 2008 - 10




















College Address

Sarv Hind College of Education
Gurawara, Jhajjar Road,
Rewari, Haryana

Contact Numbers

Landline : 01281 - 245344

Mobile : +91 99920 50272


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